4TH MAY 2012
So we made it. One hundred and seventy eight projects, forty five articles, twenty six staff, eighteen computers, seven printers, three company cars and one and a half GFC's later, The Quinlan Group has turned 10. My sincere thanks and gratitude to our clients, consultants, builders, family and friends who have all assisted in helping us reach this milestone. I look forward to further solidifying our relationships over the coming decade.

After sorting through all 178 projects to put together the collage above, we sat down and picked out 2 images from each of the 10 years that we felt reflected the status of the office and our projects at that point in time. The final images cover everything from houses to masterplans; developments, retail, commercial, hospitality and interiors. Please click through the links to view our 20 from 10 retrospective.

nb. some of the included images were produced in collaboration with other architects and designers.