11TH JAN 2017
At this significant juncture, we thought it pertinent to do a quick retrospective, so we've taken a key project from each of the years we've been in business and talked briefly about its significance in the growth of the practice, as follows:

2002 - The Quinlan Residence
The logical first step in any private practice, the MD's parents home set the foundation for the pared back dramatic forms that have become our signature.

2003 - Guangzhou Masterplan
The real impetus behind setting up the practice. Surprisingly, this actually got built, although a few fundamentals of the design didn't make it through.

2004 - Elermore Shopping Centre
An excellent demonstration of one of our key drivers; that creative economical architecture can add value to assets.

2005 - West Leederville
A complex mixed use brief that drew heavily on our experience in large scale infrastructure projects, SP61 established several key planning concepts that would be carried through future projects.

2006 - Kingsclear Apartment
The first project working with long term collaborator Darryl Gordon that involved the complete re-conceptualisation of an existing space. This set the cornerstone for our ongoing work.

2007 - Smith Residence
The first free standing residence completed with another of our long term collaborators, Cameron Smith from Parkzip, this house was the first of many projects we have worked on together on the lower north shore.

2008 - Piccoli Residence
A major step forward for us in design and detailing quality, this house came second in the International Design Grand Prix in Milan.

2009 - Hugo's Newcastle
Whilst this fitout never actually went ahead, it was the place where we developed our concept of levels of intimacy within hospitality projects. Spaces within spaces.

2010 - Southern Highland Wines
The first of our projects to combine our prefabricated zero carbon housing modules into large scale infrastructure project. The combination of environmental and planning efficiency has become a hallmark of our work.

2011 - Toombul Cinemas
One of the last and definitely the largest of our projects with Event Hospitality & Entertainment (then AHL) this project was the impetus behind establishing our commercial design and construction arm, JPM Design and Construct.

2012 - Parker Residence
This project, with its unparalleled quality and detail, was another substantial step forward for the practice in terms of residential design, and led to several more commissions.

2013 - Chris O'Brien Life House
Established JPM as a legitimate contender in the D&C space, and was shortlisted for the World Interiors Awards; reinforcing our retail and hospitality credentials.

2014 - Lennox Head Townhouses
This project's combination of fluid architecture, invisible structure and Mediterranean palette had a substantial influence on later townhouse projects.

2015 - Mixed Use Waterfront Development
Our ability to deliver the concept designs for this project in less than a week gave us the confidence that we were ready to join the middle tier firms in delivering larger scale projects to established developers.

2016 - Waterfront Development Sutherland
Currently under construction, this townhouse development brings together several of the key concepts we have developed over the past fifteen years, reflecting the current evolution of the practice, both in terms of quality and aesthetics.